Dr Tim's Biography

Timir Bhakta's Family

Dr. Bhakta is an area native residing in Olathe with his wife and son. During his early childhood, his family called many different states and cities across the United States home. He was even sent to a year round boarding school in India for three years. The time spent in India molded young Dr. Bhakta into a disciplined, mature, and compassionate human being. While there, he learned three different languages, gained an appreciation of different religious views, and developed a passion treating wounded students in the local clinic as a volunteer. Dr. Bhakta had the privilege of travelling the country during his summer vacations. During his travels, he was exposed to the harsh realities of true poverty and life struggles in the poorest parts of the country. Exposure to this harsh reality, helped shape Dr. Bhakta's current philosophical views.

Dr. Bhakta returned to the States a changed and mature young gentleman who excelled in school. He spent his spare time volunteering at various organizations and tutoring underprivileged urban children in San Francisco. Before he graduated from high school, his parents moved to Liberal, KS in the early 90’s. This move was tough for Dr. Bhakta, as he was forced to leave many of his friends behind. However, after spending time with the kind, warm, and welcoming people in Kansas, he fell in love with the state.

He went on to obtain his undergraduate degrees from KU, his graduate degree from Cleveland Chiropractic College, and a Master’s degree from AT Still University. His love for healing people coupled with his educational background made Dr. Bhakta open his own practice in 2005. He has created a unique practice in a city that is teaming with chiropractors. His compassion and willingness to do the best for his patients differentiates him from others in his profession.