Blood & Lab Testing

Information is king when it comes to your body. Insurance companies deny many advanced screening lab work for prevention by categorizing it as 'experimental'. These so called 'experimental' tests can make a big difference in early detection of underlying pathology. We have a working relationship with Lab One and can offer discounted prices for lab and blood work that you might want. This relationship allows us to circumvent the insurance criteria and allow us to perform any lab test that you might want at a discounted rate.

Uninsured Laboratory Blood Tests

Think you have a chronic illness or just want to have the works done for a piece of mind, we have got you covered. Our special relationship with Lab One allows us to run most blood panels at a fraction of the cost. Just pick the tests you would like, go to the draw station, and wait for the results to arrive in a few days. We then sit and discuss your results and make the necessary recommendations if we find something, or you just walk away with a clean bill of health.

List of Panels Coming Soon