Dr Tim's Philosophy

Dr. Bhakta's believes that the body is resilient and has the ability to take care of itself. However, our modern hectic lifestyles are filled with excessive stress, being overworked, eating poorly, and a lack of physical activity; which in turn, leads to disharmony of our balanced system. This disharmony is the cornerstone for the possibility of future ailments or dysfunction. He believes that most of these ailments can be reversed through conservative treatment methods. Dr. Bhakta's healthcare paradigm is based on the patient seeking out treatments that are ultra conservative first, and then climbing up the ladder to treatments that are fully invasive. Each step leads to more risk on the body, therefore, fully exhausting treatment options in the conservative realm is important. He is not opposed to surgery or drugs and fully understands that certain circumstances require these options.

Dr. Bhakta is a proponent of the patient being able to make an informed decision about the path of his/her care via full disclosure and education on all treatment options that are available to them. Only then can a patient truly weigh the risks involved and make the correct decision. Therefore, Dr. Bhakta always "shoots straight" with his patients. He understands that busy lifestyles, work, school, social life, and other distractions are normal in our culture. He is a realist and modifies his recommendations based on the lifestyle of each patient to maximize recovery from an ailment.

His approach to treatment is patient-centered, hands-on, and focused on influencing the body to obtain balance through nutrition, diet, muscular correction, stress reduction, reduced biomechanical stresses, and structural adaptation with an overall emphasis on the patients’ recuperative abilities. He believes in working with other physicians to help his patients obtain the best results possible for their ailments.