Customized Treatment

Yes, this is still possible in today's world. Dr. Tim believes that each person is unique; therefore, the mechanism of injury for each person will also be unique. Applying a standard treatment protocol to one's distinctive injury will only prolong the time for recovery.

Our age, size, athletic ability, lifestyle, daily activity level, biomechanical variations, inherent muscle imbalances, and other factors play a big role in determining the extent and intensity of an injury. Taking these factors into account when designing a treatment plan is the basis of rendering an effective and superior treatment regimen. Dr. Tim applies these principles to every patient he treats. He draws on his knowledge of both eastern and western medicine to create the best possible treatment regimen for each of his patients' specific condition.

This level of specific, qualitative, and customized treatment takes time and dedication, which Dr. Bhakta has incorporated into his practice style. His customized treatment regimens can not only help minor sprains and strains heal faster, but can also get to the root of old, chronic, stubborn, and lingering conditions that have been around for a while. This level of detail requires that Dr. Bhakta maintain a low volume, high quality practice.

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