Low Volume, High Quality Practice

Maintaining high quality of care requires that we have a lower volume practice. Our goal is to create customized treatment plans that promote fast healing in acute (new) injuries, and thoroughly exhaust all possible conservative options before recommending invasive procedures in chronic (old and stubborn) injuries.

Dr. Tim does not believe in generalized cookie cutter, one size fits all treatments that have become the norm around the country. Treatment of injuries have been simplified to condition based protocols that are applied to each patient with a similar injury whether or not results are achieved. This type of treatment is great for the few that achieve results, but it is miserable for the many that get no relief and are stuck in the system without any sign of hope. These patients become desperate and end up trying invasive procedures which may or may not help.

Dr. Tim believes that it is the job of any person calling themselves a doctor, to take the time for the patient and guide them through the web of treatment options that await them via education. There is a myriad of unreliable information out there; therefore, it should be the sworn duty of the doctor to educate the patient so that they may make the best informed choice in regards to their health.

Dr. Bhakta's practice is a low volume, high quality facility that aims at doing what is right for the patient. He believes that patients should be treated with the same respect and dignity that he would like to be treated with.

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